Who is Vienna Rec

UpdatedTuesday July 26, 2016 byVienna Rec.

About Vienna Rec:

The Vienna Recreational and Improvement Association Board, known as VRIA, was established in 1953 by our founder Darrell B. Dotson and is a non-profit, volunteer agency, providing recreational facilities and activities for girls and boys from Vienna, North Hills, and other neighboring communities.  Over 1750 youths participate in these activities each year.

VRIA receives funding from the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley to help administer its programs.  The all-volunteer organization also accepts private donations from local families or businesses and also collects a small participation fee.  The City of Vienna Parks and Recreation provides assistance with the maintenance of the ball fields and facilities being used by VRIA activities.

VRIA offers Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse and Indoor Floor Hockey. There is also a Saturday night adult Floor Hockey League.


The Vienna Parks and Recreation Board is a part of the City of Vienna and advisory board to City Council.  They manage the recreation facilities at Jackson Memorial Park, McDonough Wildlife Refuge, Spencer Park, Spencer Landing, Vienna Swimming Pool and own most of the equipment used by VRIA.  Vienna Park and Recreation  now run Football, Cheer, Softball, Baseball, Tee Ball, Tennis and Swimming. They have hired a coordinator to manage their youth programs.   


The Vienna Parks and Recreation and VRIA work together to provide these sports for youth ages three through eighteen depending on the sport. We share the name Vienna Recreation to avoid confusion because we all work together toward the same goal of providing quality youth sports to all who wish to participate.